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'W' Series
Wooden Patch Cables

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QPW Low-Profile Wooden Patch Cables QPW Low-Profile Wooden Patch Cables

Synth in style with our 'W' Series low-profile, wooden patch cables.

The low-profile body is made from solid maple. Great to accompany any system.

'W' Series cables also allow you to keep your patch when adding lids to portable cabinets.

Available in a set of six 24" cables. Two white, two gray, and two black.

1/4" Mono Phone Plugs,
Body Length: 3/4" (19mm),
Body Diameter: 1/2" (13mm).

These are not your typical mass-produced molded patch cables.

Also see our 'A' Series Cables.

'W' Patch Cables, Set of 6 $99.00 USD
  • PG Wrote: These will be great for my Box11 system.
  • JA Wrote: You hit a home-run with these cables.

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