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SynthInvent - Synthesizer Layout Software


SynthInvent is a free Windows program that allows you to experiment with synthesizer system configurations by dragging and dropping modules into cabinets. Systems can be saved and shared, exported to a spreadsheet, or made into a web page.

Studio-22 Synthesizer System
  • Easy to learn and fun to use
  • Select any style of cabinets
  • Drag and drop modules into cabinets
  • Automatically totals price as you add/remove products
  • Produces a product listing with pricing and shipping weight
  • Automatically adds power components
  • Calculates power supply consumption
  • Save, recall and share systems
  • Start with a standard system or create your own
  • Creates a web page of your system
  • Exports product listing to a spreadsheet program
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Standard Disclaimer

SynthInvent is free and comes with no
warranty or guarantees.
There may be bugs.
You're welcome to try it at your own risk.
Backup your system before installation.
Prices and specs may change without notice.

Download Details

Latest Version: V1.8.14 (28 Jul 2018) Added Q170 MIDI Gates.
Size: ~4 MB
Time to Download: ~1 minute on broadband
Prices: Prices are subject to change without notice so ask for a formal quotation.
Note: If needed, download the free .Net framework from Microsoft. Most systems already have this. It is 23MB and may take 10 minutes or more to over broadband. IE must be the default browser.

System Requirements

  • SynthInvent will likely run fine on any modern PC running Windows
  • A screen at least 1024 pixels wide
  • A mouse or other pointing device
  • Microsoft .Net framework (Already on most modern Windows computers)
  • 3 MB hard disk space


  • Click the Download button below, select a folder or the Desktop to save to if it asks
    and then wait for the download to complete.
  • Click on the download file when complete and installation will begin
    (This may happen automatically).
  • If your computer requires the .NET framework (probably not), download it here
  • To run SynthInvent, click the SynthInvent Icon on the desktop, or from the Windows START button.


If you already have SynthInvent running on your system,
UnInstall it, then download and install the new version.
This will not erase custom systems you created.

Product Price List

SynthInvent automatically calculates pricing on the systems you design.
These prices are subject to change without notice, and do not include shipping, taxes, etc.

Our prices may change after the latest version of SynthInvent, so check our website.


SynthInvent includes Quick-Start Help which will automatically pop-up on first use. Quick-Start Help is also available from the help menu. It's small and takes less time to read than to Email me a question :)

A Help menu is also provided which should address most questions.
It's short and well organized, so please take the time to read it.

I'll be glad to help with any support issues via Email


Q: Is SynthInvent free?
A: Yes.

Q: Does SynthInvent make sounds?
A: No.

Q: Can I share system configuration files with other SynthInvent users?
A: Yes, they are small text files with a .SYT extension and can be Emailed as attachments.

Q: Has it ever crashed and/or caused loss of data on a computer?
A: Not that we know of.

Q: Will features be added and will bugs be fixed?
A: Probably.

Q: Will it work with modules from company X?
A: Not currently.

Q: Why did you do this?
A: Because it's cool and I find it difficult to control my ambition.

Q: What is the .Net Framework?
A: .Net is a component of the Windows operating system that many
programs require to operate. Most modern systems have it.

Q: Is it available for a Mac or Linux?
A: Not currently, but see the section below.

Q: Does SynthInvent collect information about usage or communicate with a server secretly?
A: Absolutely Not.

Q: Is it available via CD?
A: No, only via the web.

Q: Where do I send bug reports, suggestions, hate mail, or praise?
A: Use our Contact Form

Q: Is there an easter egg?
A: Yes.

Q: Do you ever sleep?
A: Sleep?
  • This is great! Thanks Roger. I am already late for work because of your timing in releasing this.
  • Damn. I could SO have used this two weeks ago.
  • Fantastic! Thanks Roger!
  • I'm having trouble running this program from my iPhone.
  • Very cool application Roger!!
  • I am very happy with it. It works perfect. Every function was easy to understand and use. Congratulations.
  • Let's call this is "better late than never."
  • This Rocks!
  • Alas, I don't own a Windows machine, but it looks like a great program. Has anyone found the easter egg????
  • A very cool and handy tool! Great for virtually rearranging modules and building new configurations from scratch.

Running SynthInvent on a Mac, Linux, etc.

Users have successfully run SynthInvent on an Intel/Mac using VMWare Fusion, Parallels Desktop, and with Apple's BootCamp.

User says: "SynthInvent runs perfectly under Ubuntu Linux using VMware Server running Windows 2000."

User says: "I managed to successfully run SynthInvent on Ubuntu 9.04 under Wine. First, get the winetricks script from Use the script to install the "mono26" package. [Mono is a replacement for the .net framework.] Now to install the .msi file, type "msiexec synthinvent.installer.msi". Presto! "

If you have any additional experience running SynthInvent, please let me know.

Revision History Since Public Introduction

  • V1.8.14 - Added Q170 MIDI Gates
  • V1.8.13 - Added Q157 SH++, Q114 Mixer++, Q148 VCA++, Q106A VCO
  • V1.8.12 - Added Q107A Filter
  • V1.8.11 - Added Q179 Envelope++
  • V1.8.10 - Fixes to QPB description and image
  • V1.8.9 - Added TB11 Thought Box
  • V1.8.8 - Added Q173 Gate Math module
  • V1.8.7 - Fixed QICPY description
  • V1.8.6 - Added Q167, Q139, Prices of QPS1, QPS3
  • V1.8.5 - Price increase for walnut items
  • V1.8.4 - Price increase for studio cabinetry
  • V1.8.3 - Fixed prices of QKB61
  • V1.8.2 - Added QCM8 Moog cabinet, QMVS Switch Trigger cable.
  • V1.8.0 - Added Box1,2,4, Portable 11, new systems, controllers
  • V1.6.4 - Added Q174, Q175, changed Q137 image
  • V1.6.0 - Added Box11 cabinets and systems, updated prices, minor fixes
  • V1.5.2 - Fixed directory access issue with Windows 7
  • V1.5.1 - Removed menu item for View Image which isn't complete yet
  • V1.5.0 - Custom cabinets, new pricelist, Q171/2 added, Ctrl-Z undo, shipping address, fixes
  • V0.9.106 - Improved module highlighting, unified save confirmation dialogs for exit/open/new
  • V0.9.105 - Fixed multiple power supply calculation - Caught by Syruss
  • V0.9.104 - Fixed listing and CSV for NONE cabinet - Caught by Mark R
  • V0.9.103 - Dialog box position tweaked, unhandled exception handling
  • V0.9.102 - Improved exit saving dialog, tweaked help file - Caught by Mark R
  • V0.9.101 - Fixed deleted modules on front caused by deletion on back - Caught by Christophe
  • V0.9.100 - Public Introduction

Known Issues In Current Version

  • #1: Spreadsheet export in regions where a decimal point is a separator
    makes Excel put each line into the first column and not separate columns.
    Workaround: Use SynthInvent's View/CSV and save the file to the desktop, then Open in Excel and select .csv then select Commas as Separators in the option box. This mostly works but will require formatting of columns to get totals and alignments to appear correctly.

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