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Entry System Plan #1

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This plan (Entry System #1)
is retired as of Sept 1, 2014.
You may continue this plan
if you already started it.

See our new Entry System Plan #2

Entry System Plan

This special system purchase plan is your ticket to getting into modular synthesis on a budget!

$135 a month for 12 months gets you a working system with room to expand.

Here's what you get:

1) 22-Space cabinet made from MDF, unfinished
1) Power supply (New-Old Stock or refurbished) with 1-year warranty
1) Cable harness for 20 modules
1) Q137 Power Control Module
1) Q104 MIDI Interface Module (refurbished)
1) Q124 Multiple Module
2) Q106 Oscillator Modules
2) Q109 Envelope Generator Modules
1) Q108 Amplifier Module
1) Q107 State-Variable Filter Module
1) Q112 4-Channel Mixer Module
4) QP4MM-12 12" Patch Cable (brown)
5) QP4MM-24 24" Patch Cable (red)
3) QP4MM-36 36" Patch Cable (orange)

Total Cost: $1620.00 (Shipping charges are included! - see below)

What can you do with it?

This system will accept MIDI from any keyboard (even low-cost units) that offers a MIDI port or from your PC to create true analog synthesizer sounds and effects. The super-stable Q106 oscillators can be mixed together, or one can be used as a voice and the other as a modulator. The Q107 Filter module provides complete voltage control of frequency and resonance (Q), a mixing function, and 4 outputs - LowPass, HighPass, BandPass, Notch - This filter rocks! The 2 Q109 Envelope Generators are very snappy and used to control the filter, amplifier, or oscillators. There's plenty of room to add more oscillators, a ladder filter, a ring modulator, and more exotic functions. Check our competition - you won't get more Synthesizer for the money!

Purchase Schedule:

Month 1 - $135 Down Payment
Month 2 - $135 Cabinet/Power Supply/Cable Harness
Month 3 - $135 Q137 Power Control Module
Month 4 - $135 Q104 MIDI Interface Module(refubr), 1) 12" patch cable
Month 5 - $135 Q106 Oscillator Module, 2) 12" patch cables
Month 6 - $135 Q108 Amplifier Module, 1) 24" patch cable
Month 7 - $135 Q109 Envelope Generator Module, 1) 24" patch cable
Month 8 - $135 Q107 Multi-Mode Filter Module, 2) 24" patch cables
Month 9 - $135 Q124 Multiple Module, 1) 12" patch cable
Month 10 - $135 Q109 Envelope Generator Module, 1) 36" patch cable
Month 11 - $135 Q112 4-Channel Mixer Module, 1) 24" patch cable
Month 12 - $135 Q106 Oscillator Module, 2) 36" patch cables

How the plan works

You begin your plan by purchasing the "ENTRY-22-1" on the order form for $135.

The next month, order the second installment of $135 and we'll begin building your cabinet/Power Supply/Cable Harness and ship them to you. This normally takes 2-3 weeks.

Each month thereafter you will receive the items listed in the plan above once your payment is received. Each module is calibrated and tested, ready to install into your system. It only takes a screwdriver.

At any time, you can pay the $135 payment and get the next shipment.
You can pay several or all months in advance to get your system faster.
You can bail out at any time by not sending the scheduled payment.
You can skip your monthly payment for up to 3 months - after that your plan is cancelled.
You can NOT change the sequence of payments/shipments.
The only substitution option is the cabinet.

About the Cabinet

Part of the value of this system is the cabinet which is made of MDF (Medium density fiberboard). It's bascially very dense particle board and is very straight, smooth and easy to work with. It's also much cheaper than solid american walnut. This cabinet is strong, we use MDF to build our Portable Cabinets so you'll be getting a decent unit. The finish is up to you and many people have fun painting the unit various colors, textures, or even covering it with vinyl. The point is, this cabinet provides a great value and allows you to get started with little money.

The cabinet is similar in size to our 22-space walnut cabinet (48" wide, 10" tall, 8.5" deep), with 22-spaces in the front and 4 spaces in the back.

Cabinet Upgrade

You can upgrade to our 22-space vinyl-covered portable cabinet (QCP22) for an additional $140.
You can upgrade to our 22-space walnut studio cabinet (QCS22) for an additional $265.
This upgrade must be paid for on the first or second month.

About the Power Supply

The power supply provided with the Entry system varies depending on what we have at the time. It may be a refurbished model, new-old-stock, our own design, or some other solution. Whatever the case, it is warranted just like a new QPS1 power supply. And the power supply is guaranteed to be able to handle a full 22-space cabinet of modules. The goal is to make the Entry system cost-effective so you can afford the modular synthesizer experience.

Shipping Issues

UPS ground shipping charges are included within the continental U.S (Lower 48 states).

You're welcome to pay for other shipping methods and for non-U.S. destinations.

All of the other terms and conditions found on our order page apply.

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